Instructor-led Online Training

Today’s world is a virtual world, everything on the internet. You save time, resources, and gain flexibility to perform a task better. In the same line, we also have a curriculum for online trainings where in a live instructor is online to teach you the technology or topic. The session are online so it can be done at any time, any place, and at any pace.

The advantages you gain are:

Work life balance – you don’t need to specifically schedule yourself for the training as the online training can be done at     any place or time. So, you relax at the comforts of your home and avoid driving in traffics jams, to receive your     education.

Recorded Sessions – Missed out a session? Well, not to worry as you can get back to that session again, in no time.     All the sessions are recorded and save din the archives for future reference.

Flexible and Tailor made Training We discuss the fine points with our students before scheduling the online trainings.     The reason is to understand the requirements of the students and customise the training as per their needs. Our focus     is to excel in student learning, not just give them training. Our dedicated mentors are committed to help their students     lifelong for any guidance in future.

24*7 Learning Access Our students get access to online help, forums, tutorial videos, ppts, sample assessments, mock     drills, interview questions, and many other resources for future reference and guidance.


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