: Project-based Training Program


: NET Beginners/Professionals


: Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server 2014

Delivery methods

: Instructor-led Classroom/Online Training


: 5 Days


: English

  • This is a primary course for .Net professionals as well as beginners, to learn the ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS development. In the courseware, you will be trained thoroughly on creating web pages, custom validation attributes, custom helpers, querying database using Entity Framework ORM, making interactive using AngularJS and jQuery, mobile friendly application and then finally publishing it on IIS.

    Course objective

    1. How to create custom html helpers and validations attributes

    2. How to use jQuery to make user friendly web pages.

    3. How to query database using Entity Framework ORM code first approach.

    4. How to design and develop scalable architecture

    5. How to create DAL Layer using Entity Framework Code First approach

    6. How to scale application for Phone, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop using Bootstrap

    7. How to create interactive app using AngularJS

    8. How to do errors logging using ELMAH

    9. How to optimize your page performance

    10. How to secure application based on user roles

    11. How to publish your App on IIS.

    Who should do this course?

    All .NET Beginner(s)/Professional(s) who are keen to develop interactive, light weight and highly extensible web application should go for this course.


    Anyone who wants to learn ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS development should have a basic knowledge of C#, JavaScript and HTML



    Understanding ASP.NET MVC


    ASP.NET MVC Version History

    Understanding Model, View and Controller

    Advantages of ASP.NET MVC

    Design Pattern VS Architectural Pattern

    Layer VS Tier

    Visual Studio Project Templates

    Understanding Visual Studio ASP.NET MVC Templates

    Creating an ASP.NET MVC project

    Understanding ASP.NET MVC project folder structure

    Understanding configuration files

    Controller & Actions

    Understanding Controller

    Creating Controller

    Understanding Actions

    Actions and Non Actions Methods

    Understanding Action Results


    Types of Views

    Creating Standard View

    Creating Layout Page

    Communication between Controller and View

    Razor View Engine

    Understanding Razor View Engine

    Razor View Engine VS Web Form Engine

    Razor Syntax

    Razor Statements, Loops etc.

    ViewModel & Strongly Typed View

    Creating ViewModel

    Creating Strongly Typed View

    Partial Views

    Static Partial View

    Dynamic Partial View

    Routes & URLs

    Introduction to Routing

    Routing VS Url Rewriting

    Defining Routes

    Route Evaluation

    Attribute Routing

    HTML Helpers

    Understanding Html Helpers

    Types of Html Helpers

    Built-In Html Helpers

    Inline Helpers

    Custom Helpers

    Url Helpers

    AJAX Helpers

    Introduction to AJAX Helpers

    Using AJAX Helpers

    Data Passing Techniques





    Query String

    Hidden Fields


    ViewModel & Validation

    Creating ViewModel

    Understanding ASP.NET MVC Validation

    Need of Server Side and Client Side Validation

    Validation with Data Annotation

    Custom Validation

    Custom client side Validation

    Custom Server side validation


    Introduction to Bootstrap

    Introduction to Responsive Design

    Need of Bootstrap

    Bootstrap Fundamentals

    Bootstrap Grid System

    Bootstrap Development

    Bootstrap Components

    Header, Footer, Navigation Bar

    Bootstrap Modals

    Bootstrap Form Elements

    Bootstrap Icons


    Customizing Bootstrap

    Panels, Sliders, Tooltips



    Understanding LINQ

    LINQ - What, Why & When

    Flavors of LINQ

    Advantages of LINQ

    Var Type

    Anonymous Type

    Lambda Expression

    Query Based Syntax and Method Based Syntax

    Deferred Execution

    Immediate Execution

    Deferred/Lazy Loading

    Eager Loading

    LINQ Joins


    What is LINQPad

    Configuring LINQPad

    Querying database using LINQPad

    Testing LINQ query using LINQPad


    Introduction to jQuery

    Understanding jQuery

    jQuery - What, Why & When

    JavaScript VS jQuery

    Advantage of jQuery

    jQuery Selectors

    What are Selectors

    Types of Selectors

    Using Universal, Element, Class and Id Selectors

    Selecting & Manipulating Html elements

    Interacting with DOM

    Get and Set Nodes value, html and text

    Adding and Removing Nodes

    Adding and Removing Classes

    Show, Hide and Empty

    Events Handling

    Understanding jQuery Events Methods

    bind(), live(), delegate() and on()

    Choosing appropriate Event methods


    Understanding jQuery Ajax

    Making GET and POST Request

    Entity Framework

    Introduction to Entity Framework

    What is ORM

    ORMs used with .NET

    Understanding Entity Framework

    Advantages of Entity Framework

    Data Modeling Approach

    Entity Framework Data Modeling Approach

    Choosing DB First, Model First or Code First

    Code First Modeling

    Defining Mapping using Data Annotation

    Defining Mapping using Fluent API

    Entity Framework Code First Migrations

    Updating Database when the Model Changes

    CRUD Operations

    Calling Stored Procedures

    Code First with existing Database

    Database First Modeling

    Creating Model from Database

    CRUD Operations

    Updating Model when the Database Changes

    Changing and Updating Mapping

    Calling Stored Procedures


    Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

    What is REST

    Understanding ASP.NET Web API

    ASP.NET Web API VS WCF Rest VS Web Servicep>

    Advantages of ASP.NET Web API

    Controller & Actions

    Understanding Controller & Actions

    Creating Controller

    Creating Actions

    Consuming Web API & Deployment

    Consuming Web API

    Hosting Web API

    Securing Web API (with Project)

    Implementing basic Authentication

    Implementing Authorization

    Optimization & Deployment of ASP.NET MVC Project

    Bundling & Minification

    Deploying Application


    JS Frameworks and SPA

    Understanding JS libs and frameworks

    Advantages of JS libs and frameworks

    ntroduction to SPA

    SPA vs. MPA

    Most Popular SPA

    Advantages of SPA

    SPA with jQuery, Backbone.JS, Knockout.JS and Ember.JS

    Introduction to AngularJS

    Understanding AngularJS

    JavaScript VS jQuery VS AngularJS

    Advantage of AngularJS

    AngularJS VS others JS Frameworks

    Browsers Support

    Model, View and Controller

    Understanding MVC

    Creating Models or ViewModels

    Creating Controller and View

    AngularJS Bootstrap Process

    Angular Initialization Process

    Automatic Bootstrap

    Manual Bootstrap

    AngularJS Fundamentals


    Scopes - $scope and $rootScope


    Built-In Directives - ng-app, ng-controller, ng-bind, ng-model, ng-init, ng-options, ng-if, ng-show, ng-hide, ng-repeat, ng-switch

    Built-In Filters - Currency, Date, Number, OrderBy, Lowercase, Uppercase, Filter

    Scopes & Controllers

    Creating Child Controller

    Scope Inheritance

    $watch, $digest and $apply

    Custom Directives and Filters

    Types of Directives - Shared, Inherit & Isolate

    Custom Directives

    Custom Filters


    AngularJS Events

    Static Events Binding

    Dynamic Events Binding

    Events Handling

    Data Binding

    Understanding Data Binding

    Types of Data Binding

    Issues with Two-Way Data Binding

    Choosing Appropriate Data Binding

    Dependency Injection

    Dependency Injection

    Methods to inject Dependency

    Implementing Dependency Injection

    Building Rich Client-Side UI with Bootstrap

    Building Rich Client-Side UI with Bootstrap

    Bootstrap Grid System

    Bootstrap Components

    Templates & Routing

    Understanding Templates

    Types of Templates

    Understanding Routing

    Angular UI Routing

    Defining Routes

    Route Evaluation


    Understanding Services

    Types of Services

    Choosing Services - Factory, Service, Provider, Value & Constant

    Creating Services

    Data sharing using Services

    Angular Forms and Controls

    Angular forms VS HTML forms

    Angular form input controls

    Angular form events

    Angular form validation

    Angular form and controls properties

    Applying CSS based on error messages

    Creating Cascading Dropdown List

    Data Storage

    Web Storage - Local Storage and Session Storage


    Project Development

    Application Architecture

    Designing Application Architecture

    Designing Application Architecture

    Implementing Repository Design Pattern

    Understanding Repository Design Pattern

    Need of Repository Design Pattern

    Implementing Repository Design Pattern

    Understanding Dependency Injection

    Implementing Dependency Injection

    Understanding Dependency Injection

    Advantage of Dependency Injection

    DI Container

    DI Container

    Designing and Developing Project

    Developing User Signup Process

    Developing Category and Product CRUD Operations

    Developing Customer CRUD Operations

    Extending ASP.NET MVC

    ASP.NET MVC Pipeline

    ASP.NET MVC Filters

    Extending ASP.NET MVC Filters

    Configuring ASP.NET MVC Filters

    Implementing Security

    Understanding Forms Authentication

    Customizing principal

    Implementing custom Forms Authentication

    Implementing Authorization

    Securing Web API

    Securing Web API

    Implementing Authorization

    Product Listing

    Product Listing

    Developing Shopping Cart using AngularJS

    Shopping Cart

    Products Searching

    Products Filtering

    Adding Products to Shopping Cart

    Removing Products to Shopping Cart

    Payment Gateway

    Understanding Payment gateway Process

    Integrating Payment Gateway

    Listing Successful Transactions

    Listing Failed Transactions


    Deploying Application on IIS

  • assures weekly mock-up tests and regular assignments to help the students cement their foundation and have a real work-like scenario. The total tests and assignments have no limit for diligent students.

    Mockup-Tests objective

    Help you to monitor your learning progress.

    Help you to evaluate yourself.

    Help you to crack your technical interview first round with objective questions.

    Assignments objective

    Gain confidence to work on ASP.NET MVC project with latest technologies.

    Help you to evaluate your development skills.

    Prepare yourself for real-application development.


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