: Project-based Training Program


: UI Developers/Web Developers


: Visual Studio 2015

Delivery methods

: Instructor-led Classroom/Online Training


: 3 Days


: English

  • The AngularJS Development courseware is specifically for UI developers and Web developers who wish to learn on how to create single page web applications with the help of AngularJS Technology. The study includes AngularJS fundamentals like bootstrap process, directives, statements, routes, filters, and services that helps to build a much more scalable, rich, extensible, and high performance single page web application.

    Course objective

    Exploring JavaScript fundamentals.

    Exploring JavaScript weird parts like prototype, objects, lexical scope, dynamic scope and closure.

    Exploring most popular JavaScript MVW Framework.

    How AngularJS is best from others JS libraries and frameworks

    Understanding AngularJS basic and advanced in-depth concepts.

    How to create custom directives, filters and different types of scopes in directive.

    Creating and consuming REST service

    Who should do this course?

    All professionals who are keen to develop interactive, light weight and highly extensible SPA should go for this course.


    Anyone who wants to learn AngularJS development should have a basic knowledge of programming and HTML/HTML5.

  • JavaScript

    Introduction to Javascript

    Understanding JavaScript

    History of JavaScript

    DOM and BOM

    Understanding DOM

    DOM Tree

    DOM Nodes

    Manipulation DOM

    Understanding BOM

    Accessing BOM

    JavaScript Language Fundamentals

    Understanding JavaScript

    Types of Data Type - Primitive & Non-Primitive

    Naming a variable

    Declaring Variables with and without var

    Local vs. Global Variables

    JavaScript Popups - alert, prompt, confirm

    Different Types of Operators

    Conditional Statements - If, else, switch

    Loops - do...while, while, for,

    Jump statements - break, continue, goto

    Number, Strings, Arrays

    Understanding Numbers

    Numbers mathematics

    NaN and Infinity

    Exponential Numbers

    Understanding Strings - Mutable & Immutable strings

    Strings Methods

    Understanding Arrays - One Dimensional, Multi-Dimensional

    Arrays Methods

    Boolean, Null, Undefined

    Understanding Boolean

    Understanding Null

    Understanding Undefined


    Understanding Objects

    Primitive types as Objects

    Literal Object

    Creating Object

    Object Methods and Properties


    Understanding Function

    Anonymous Function

    Function Nesting


    Window object and this keyword

    Understanding window object

    this keyword

    dynamic scope

    Exception Handling

    Understanding Exception


    JavaScript Throws Errors

    Strict mode

    Understanding use strict directive

    Using strict mode

    Advantage of Strict mode

    Browser support


    Understanding Prototype

    Prototype Inheritance

    Understanding __proto__

    Namespace and Modules

    Understanding Namespace

    Creating Namespace

    Understanding Modules

    Creating and using Modules


    Introduction to AngularJS

    Understanding JS libs and frameworks

    Advantages of JS libs and frameworks

    Introduction to SPA

    SPA vs. MPA

    Most Popular SPA

    Advantages of SPA

    SPA with jQuery, Backbone.JS, Knockout.JS and Ember.JS

    Introduction to AngularJS

    Understanding AngularJS

    JavaScript VS jQuery VS AngularJS

    Advantage of AngularJS

    AngularJS VS others JS Frameworks

    Browsers Support

    Model, View and Controller

    Understanding MVC

    Creating Models or ViewModels

    Creating Controller and View

    AngularJS Bootstrap Process

    Angular Initialization Process

    Automatic Bootstrap

    Manual Bootstrap

    AngularJS Fundamentals


    Scopes - $scope and $rootScope


    Scopes & Controllers

    Creating Child Controller

    Scope Inheritance

    $watch, $digest and $apply

    Custom Directives and Filters

    1. 1. Types of Directives - Shared, Inherit & Isolate

    2. 2. Custom Directives

    Custom Filters


    AngularJS Events

    Static Events Binding

    Dynamic Events Binding

    Events Handling

    Data Binding

    Understanding Data Binding

    Types of Data Binding

    Issues with Two-Way Data Binding

    Choosing Appropriate Data Binding

    Dependency Injection

    Understanding Dependency Injection

    Methods to inject Dependency

    Implementing Dependency Injection

    Templates & Routing

    Understanding Templates

    Types of Templates

    Understanding Routing

    Angular UI Routing

    Defining Routes

    Route Evaluation


    Understanding Services

    Types of Services

    Choosing Services - Factory, Service, Provider, Value & Constant

    Creating Services

    Data sharing using Services

    Angular Forms and Controls

    Angular forms VS HTML forms

    Angular form input controls

    Angular form events

    Angular form validation

    Angular form validation

    Applying CSS based on error messages

    Creating Cascading Dropdown List

    Data Storage

    Web Storage - Local Storage and Session Storage



    Building Rich Client-Side UI with Bootstrap

    Understanding Bootstrap

    Bootstrap Grid Systemt

    Bootstrap Components


    Understanding Animation

    Animation Support

    Implementing Animation

  • assures weekly mock-up tests and regular assignments to help the students cement their foundation and have a real work-like scenario. The total tests and assignments have no limit for diligent students.

    Mockup-Tests objective

    Help you to monitor your learning progress.

    Help you to evaluate yourself

    Help you to crack your technical interview first round with objective questions.

    Assignments objective

    Gain confidence to work on ASP.NET MVC project with latest technologies.

    Help you to evaluate your development skills.

    Prepare yourself for real-application development.


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