On Campus Training

Every student always depend on books and lectures for getting the knowhow of any subject or technology. The practical aspect remains absent as colleges or Institutions remain focussed on theories. We, at JobSeeder, have broken that culture and devised project based learning experience for our students. We know that till the time students do not face practical issues or problems, they cannot develop their skills well.

Our main focus is to provide:

A theory based practical scenario/case studies.

Job oriented training programs.

Individual mentor umbrella program.

  • As the saying goes, “To train a person to catch a fish, let them do it themselves.” The same way, we believe in letting our students handle a project on their own, rather than hand holding at each step. We let our students play around with the system, to make more mistakes and then learn from them.

  • We know the industry requirement for a fresher and undertake the total development process of a student on that basis. Our own internal assessment is at par with the ones implemented by companies like HCL, TCS, Chetu, Newgen and many others.

  • This is a solo initiative by Jobseeder where in mentor umbrella is provided to individual students where they have difficulty in understanding the concepts. Any student can approach our mentors and ask for the same.


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