Classroom Training

The combined use of see, hear, and write can only be achieved in a classroom environment. The students have the best retention capabilities in front of an instructor, provided the lecture is relevant and interesting. Our experienced mentors knows the art of teaching a boring topics in an interesting manner.

  • A uniform, consistent tecology is maintained in our classrooms for equal opportunities and democracy of expression to fellow students.

  • We understand the time constraints for professional as well as college going students and accordingly, make small batches as per the availability. This shows our concern for learning and development, and merely not applying a business model.

  • We have evolved a formula, after much experience, which is applied in our learning and development. Our formula is more like an agile environment, where daily progress is assessed and feedbacks given by the instructor, giving a job like scenario to our fresher students.

    Our unique selling proposition:

    Training as per changing technical scenarios.

    Timely delivery and no latency in drills, mock tests.

    Updated content.

    Real time projects with live scenarios.

    Competitive fees structure.

    Life long assistance.


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